Company Profile

Versity Investments, LLC is a real estate investment company located in Orange County, California.

Founded in 2018, the company specializes in student housing and multi-family projects across the US. With a portfolio valued at nearly $1.5 Billion across 22 states, Versity has over 1,800 investors and was ranked the 129th fastest-growing company in the U.S.

The name Versity is indicative of our wholistic approach to real estate investments and denotes the experience and professionalism of our company, while underlying our traditionally excellent customer service.

With 36 projects under management, Versity has raised several hundred million dollars in equity investments en route to becoming one of the largest syndicators of real estate in the country.

Diversified Portfolio

Versity believes that increased diversification has the potential to help with capital preservation and safety. With this in mind, Versity created an LLC that owns smaller interests in various Versity properties. Investors can buy shares of the LLC and have direct ownership benefits of a more diversified portfolio. The LLC is IRA eligible but not eligible for 1031 exchanges.

Core Assets

Versity seeks to acquire newer assets that we believe to be stabilized and well-located in strong markets. For these properties, Versity will typically employ a more conservative buy-and-hold strategy where the property is held for a five- or six-year period. These assets are 1031 and IRA eligible.

Renovation, Value-Add

Often, Versity will come across older properties we believe to have a fantastic location with an excellent track record of high occupancy but may not be in the best or the most competitive condition. Our goal for these assets is to devise a strategy to grow rents and increase property value by enhancing the appeal of the property through strategic upgrades, renovations, and amenity improvements. These opportunities are typically 1031 and IRA eligible.

Heavy Value-Add

Versity seeks to create additional value by leveraging our proven track record and expertise to identify market opportunities that require heavy capital improvements to drive returns for investors. Our experienced team continually searches for cost savings to reduce expenses without sacrificing quality.

Executive Team

Brian J. Nelson


Blake W. Wettengel

Chief Executive Officer

Tanya E. Muro

Chief Operating Officer

Jennifer Welker

Chief Financial Officer

Frank J. Muhlon

Chief Investment Officer

Craig Peterson

Chief Development Officer

Jason Kjellson

Executive Vice President, Capital Markets

Cory Guy

Senior Regional Vice President

Jason Kling

Senior Regional Vice President

Geoffrey Brown

Senior Regional Vice President - Northeast

Tyler Carter

Senior Vice President, National Accounts

Brad Davidson

Senior Regional Vice President

Carolyn Sumner

Internal Sales Associate

James Hogen

Executive Vice President, Asset Management

Katherine Herron

Executive Vice President, Investor Relations

Jennifer Scofield


John Burns

Vice President, Asset Management