4 Real Estate Investments Pitfalls and Possible Ways to Avoid Them

4 Real State Investments

“I bought my first itty-bitty studio after scraping together a few bucks because I needed to live somewhere anyway,” says Barbara Cocoran, founder of The Corcoran Group and judge on Shark Tank. The studio eventually doubled in value. She bought a one-bedroom apartment, then worked her way up to buying her 10-room penthouse in New […]

Winter May Be the Best Time to Invest in Real Estate. Here’s Why


In January and February, homes historically cost an average of 8.45% less than they do in June, July, and August. But low prices aren’t the only reason it’s a good idea to consider investing in real estate in the winter. There is also historically less buyer competition, time is on your side, sellers are motivated, […]

NB Private Capital Celebrates Its First Year Raising more than $111MM


Aliso Viejo, California—August 14, 2019—NB Private Capital, LLC (NBPC) the successor to Nelson Brothers Professional Real Estate (NBPRE), marks its first year of business. After 10 years as co-founder of NBPRE, Brian Nelson launched NBPC to build on the firm’s best-in-class track record and focus on stabilized yield-producing student housing properties. According to Nelson, NB […]

The Pros and Cons of Real Estate Syndication


Since the Great Recession of 2008, we’ve seen numerous properties offered in the securitized real estate syndication industry, especially when it comes to the TIC and the 1031 space. From my vantage point as a 1031 sponsor, the landscape has changed dramatically. While some of the larger players have left the industry, others have taken […]

A Spotlight on Student Housing

Student housing has been a hot niche property type for real estate investors, including for Brian Nelson, founder, and president of NB Private Capital, a student housing investment company located in Orange County, Calif. Nelson has spent a lot of time considering what student housing investors and developers need to take into account when committing […]

Out with the old: Time to make way for Gen Z student housing occupants


Decrease prices or increase amenities? Developers have weighed these options to attract millennials for years now, tending to choose luxury amenities over budget-friendly rates. But those days may be over. Our Chief Investment Officer, Paul Perkins, spoke as a panelist at Bisnow’s Higher Education Real Estate Summit on May 1. The panel discussed the need […]

Why Student Housing is Different from Other Real Estate Investments


When seeking an investment that offers the potential for an income stream, real estate may be a wise option. A 2018 study found that private market commercial real estate returned an average of 9.85 percent. Not bad! Real estate investments historically have provided a reliable passive income and can help you build wealth. The question […]

Seeking an Investment for Retirement That Works to Mitigate Risk


Planning ahead for retirement? Be wary: the current 10-year Treasury yield is 2.72 percent, which means interest earnings may not provide enough for nest egg withdrawals. Experts are saying the 80 percent rule (replacing about 80 percent of your pre-retirement paycheck with sources of income like pensions, Social Security, and portfolio withdrawals) may be outdated. […]