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Why Student Housing is Different from Other Real Estate Investments


When seeking an investment that offers the potential for an income stream, real estate may be a wise option. A 2018 study found that private market commercial real estate returned an average of 9.85 percent. Not bad! Real estate investments historically have provided a reliable passive income and can help you build wealth. The question […]

Seeking an Investment for Retirement That Works to Mitigate Risk


Planning ahead for retirement? Be wary: the current 10-year Treasury yield is 2.72 percent, which means interest earnings may not provide enough for nest egg withdrawals. Experts are saying the 80 percent rule (replacing about 80 percent of your pre-retirement paycheck with sources of income like pensions, Social Security, and portfolio withdrawals) may be outdated. […]

Student housing developments: What you need to know before investing


The need for student housing has become a burgeoning business in recent years. More and more students are attending college, and that means there is a higher demand for quality student housing choices once they’re enrolled in their desired university. As an investor, chances are that the commitment to building, investing in and maintaining a […]

Why opt for professionally managed services?


Buying and owning a property that you lease out to tenants is no walk in the park. It doesn’t matter if you own an apartment complex or a business building, every property requires immense time, attention, and money to keep everything up and running. Unfortunately, running a piece of property is more than just collecting […]

Recession leery? Find confidence in student housing property investments


We’ve been hearing a lot of concerns about the “next recession.” Perfectly understandable. The last recession shook up so many of us. It had such a direct and dramatic impact on so many. Operating under the old adage of “once bitten, twice shy,” we are noticing hesitation with many investors starting to creep back in. […]

Looking to diversify that portfolio? Consider the growth of student housing


The student housing market has been booming in the U.S., with what we believe to be a continued positive outlook. One of the reasons for the influx of capital into the market is that investors are seeking portfolio diversification, and therefore investing in niche commercial real estate sectors. According to the latest PREA Investor Intentions […]

7 Things to Know When Selecting a Student Housing Investment


  The student housing industry has been booming in recent years. Developers and investors both in the U.S. and internationally have jumped on the student housing bandwagon to take advantage of its many benefits. In her 2018 National Real Estate Investor article, national real estate investor Mary Diduch highlights her belief in a continued strong […]

Multi-family housing industry growth


Multi-family housing industry enjoying tremendous growth The real estate market is booming across the United States, and the growth isn’t limited to single-family homes. Multi-family housing has seen remarkable increases in recent years, and the market continues to be strong for investors. Multi-family housing is an attractive real estate investment. It continues to be a […]

Credit Score Hurdle Harder To Clear For Apartment Renters

Courtesy: Gaia Real Estate Station R, a luxury apartment complex in Atlanta recently acquired by Gaia Real Estate Though millennials are flocking to the city to be closer to work, research shows the more competitive the market, the better the credit score that is needed to secure an apartment. Justin Rubner wanted to live close […]

Why Investors are Flocking to Student Housing

Purpose-built student housing has matured into an institutionally acceptable asset class. ONCE CONSIDERED a niche subset of the rental housing sector, purpose-built student housing (PBSH) has matured into an institutionally acceptable asset class. A large and increasingly college-bound population of young adults, set against a backdrop of underinvestment in on-campus housing, have together created a […]

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