Credit Score Hurdle Harder To Clear For Apartment Renters

Courtesy: Gaia Real Estate Station R, a luxury apartment complex in Atlanta recently acquired by Gaia Real Estate Though millennials are flocking to the city …

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Why Investors are Flocking to Student Housing

Purpose-built student housing has matured into an institutionally acceptable asset class. ONCE CONSIDERED a niche subset of the rental housing sector, purpose-built student housing (PBSH) …

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How Millennials Are Changing The CRE Landscape

At 92 million, millennials are now the largest generation by population in the United States. And while there’s power in numbers, millennials are impacting businesses …

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Roommate Woes and Tenant Retention

When good roommates (and their food) go bad My first college roommate was a mess. Our relationship started off fine and we found a great …

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Why You Need To Add Online Tour Scheduling To Your Website Today

Fun Fact: I’m terrible with dates. Lunches, birthdays, showers — I can’t keep any of them straight. Needless to say, my calendar is my best …

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What Millennials Want: How to Attract Millennials to Fill Your Apartment Vacancies

To fill open units and reduce vacancies, you need to know what millennials look for in apartments to rent, then exceed their expectations. While millennials …

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Property Developer Helps Answer Utah’s Increasing Need For Student Housing

In Utah, you can’t throw a rock without hitting a college student. In 2013, college students made up over 6 percent of Utah’s population, ranking …

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8 Apartment Amenities You Didn’t Know You Needed

More people than ever are renting rather than owning, with more than 35 percent of Americans living in rented housing as of 2014, according to …

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HNW Investors Love Student Housing, Though Attractive Deals Are Getting Harder to Find

John Egan | Oct 05, 2017 Private investors, including HNW investors and family offices, accounted for the largest transaction volume in U.S. student housing from …

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How Investors Can Identify a Great Rental Property

The decision to become a landlord is certainly exciting – the search for a property, marketing for a tenant and potential to bring in money …

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Top 10 Tips for First-Time Landlords

Written on March 22, 2016 by Jimmy Moncrief, updated on December 9, 2016   I was once a first-time landlord but now I have over …

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11 Questions for Determining if You Need a Property Management Firm

Posted by Jordan Muelaes> in Property Management Articles   While every investor’s situation is different, there are certain scenarios and factors that typically pre-dispose owners …

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