Our strategy is simple. Versity takes an investor-centric approach to real estate investment, identifying evolving investor goals and objectives, then creating strategies around real estate projects that align with those goals.

Newer Assets

Versity often acquires newer assets that we believe to be stabilized and well-located in strong markets. For these properties, Versity typically employs a more conservative buy-and-hold strategy where the property is held for a five- or six-year period. These assets are 1031 and IRA eligible.

Renovation, Value-Add

Often, Versity will come across older properties we believe to have a fantastic location with an excellent track record of high occupancy but may not be in the best or the most competitive condition. Our goal for these assets is to devise a strategy to grow rents and increase property value by enhancing the appeal of the property through strategic upgrades, renovations, and amenity improvements. These opportunities are typically 1031 and IRA eligible.

Diversified Portfolio

Versity believes that increased diversification has the potential help with capital preservation and safety. With this in mind, Versity created an LLC that owns smaller interests in various Versity properties. Investors can buy shares of the LLC and have direct ownership benefits of a more diversified portfolio. The LLC is IRA eligible but not eligible for 1031 exchanges.

Ground-Up Development

Every now and again, Versity will encounter a dilapidated property or a vacant plot of land with an ideal location near a growing university. For Versity, this can translate into tremendous upside potential through an all-new, ground-up development, especially in markets where demand is growing faster than supply and the current competitive set is antiquated or lacks modern appeal to today’s pickier students. In this case, Versity believes a well-executed strategy can potentially bring high returns. Keeping in mind, construction projects inherently bring on a number of risks and uncertainties. For these opportunities, investors should be sure the risks and benefits of a project are consistent with their goals and objectives.

Investment Focus

Versity is a dedicated owner/operator of conventional multifamily and student housing properties.

Current Holdings

The portfolio currently totals over 30 properties and $1 Billion in AUM (over 3,600 units and 9,000 beds).

Investor Returns

10 full cycle investments realized to date, earning an average 50%+ total return to its investors.*

Property Management

Versity launched its management company, Book & Ladder, which operates a growing portion of the portfolio.

* 7 properties completed through NBPRE